The Bailout Rap

My apologies for looking back and recycling an older post this month, but this summer has been a repeatperiod of transition for me.  Two moves (home and office) in two months has cut in to my blogging time.  Given the significance of the subject, it is worth repeating, many times over, lest we forget.

Not altogether inappropriate, this day marks a noted event, 9 years ago, that started the 2007-2009 GFC (Global Financial Crisis).  Considered by many economists to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.  The active phase of the crisis, which manifested as a liquidity crisis, can be dated from August 9, 2007, when BNP Paribas terminated withdrawals from three hedge funds citing “a complete evaporation of liquidity.”

Rap music was popular at the time.  Still is I think.  When I came across this video in 2009 I had to share it.  I couldn’t say as much, as quickly, or with as much panache. These guys do a bang up job.

For this video, hat tips to Gregg, and also Brad at the Charleston Market Report. Brad has a selection of housing related videos.